Amalgam Filling Removal

Amalgam fillings (or silver fillings) have been practiced by dentists for over 150 years as a dental filling method.

The amalgam contains a combination of metals including:

  • Mercury (50%)
  • Silver (22-32%)
  • Tin (14%)
  • Copper (8%)
  • And other metals

FLOSS Dental provides amalgam filling removal treatments in 10 convenient FLOSS locations Coppell, Lakewood, Southlake, Oak Lawn, Park Cities, Preston Royal, Uptown Dallas, 5th Street, 38th Street and San Antonio, Texas

Reasons For Amalgam Filling Removal

Mercury has been mixed with other metals to create amalgam due to its flexibility to fit in human teeth, its quick hardening ability, as well as low cost. However, in recent years, the mercury content in the alloy has raised wide concern for health risks from the amount of mercury potentially being released from daily activities such as brushing and chewing. Mercury is known for causing impaired neurological development in babies and young children and is also linked to mental issues in adults such as anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, and headaches.

If you are allergic or have sensitivities to any of the metals that comprise a dental amalgam, it may be best to have it examined. Floss Dental performs complete analyses on amalgam fillings and we are able to treat them if a problem exists. On the other hand, if your amalgam fillings are in good condition, with no decay beneath the filling, it is not necessary to have your amalgam fillings removed or replaced. Nevertheless, you are always welcome for consultations at our office.


There are different ways to remove the amalgam fillings that can help decrease the risks of releasing mercury vapor during the removal process. Our team uses medically mandated procedures for the removal of amalgam due to its potential toxicity. Please note that it is not recommended that you remove stable or new amalgam fillings because it can result in unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure as well as risk of mercury vapor exposure.

Please keep in mind that failing amalgam restorations still hold significant health risks regardless of whether there is mercury release or not, such as recurrent tooth decay, infection, tooth fracture and tooth loss if left untreated. FLOSS Dental is open to discussing treatment options and scheduling the most opportune time to remove any amalgam filling you many have.

At FLOSS we offer mercury-free alternatives using improved composite resins (tooth-colored fillings), which help strengthening the teeth by 15-20% using adhesive in between the tooth and the materials. These white fillings naturally blend in with your natural teeth color increasing your teeth’s aesthetics.