Southlake Family Dentistry

Southlake, Texas is a great place to raise a family. Consequently, Southlake FLOSS Dental office was designed as a state-of-the-art family dental center. From children to adults, the Southlake office of FLOSS Dental has the experience and expertise to handle all sorts of dental procedures.
Here’s a snapshot of services that we offer for everyone in your family.

Kids Dentistry

Caring for your children’s dental health is one of our specialties. We understand how to engage kids and get them interested in taking care of their teeth. Even our infant services are designed to train babies and parents about safe oral hygiene. The way kids take care of their teeth at a young age will carry over into to their teenage and adult years.

Teen Dentistry

Once baby teeth are gone, it’s time to really get serious about how we take care of our teeth. Nevertheless, teenage years are ones of dental change. Teens often have a unique opportunity to straighten and correct dental issues that will make adulthood easier. Our Southlake, Texas practice offers procedures such as braces, Teen Invisalign, customized sports mouth guards and other teenager dental services. Our staff can help your teenagers with their dental care to help avoid major dental problems in adulthood.

Adult Dentistry

We understand the level of competence you desire in your family dentist. Southlake FLOSS Dental has an array of efficient services that can help you maintain your dental health and our staff is patient, understanding, and is willing to aid you in your time of need.

Senior Dentistry

Sometimes seniors face unique dental challenges. Each of our dentists and hygienists has specialized training in working with seniors to help them maintain high levels of dental health. All of our senior dental treatments revolve around the needs and desires of the patient.

As you can see, our Southlake, Texas practice covers the dental needs for the entire family.

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